Best of Italy tour – October 2013

Best of Italy tour – October 2013

Buongiorno, Best of Italy tour – October 2013 Rick Steves’ friends !!!!

I have here some pics about our recent October Best of Italy tour : do you want to check them??

Enjoy  !!

Lets start with the ill-famed tour bulletins !!!


From Varenna – Lake Como – we moved to Kastelruth, Dolomites.

The weather was not so cooperative, but we did well. We were fortunate to be there the day of the “Down the lower pastures” move of the local cattle.

What a great parade it was !!

dolomites parade

Les belles - parade

…and entertained by great Folk Music !!!

Band in Dolomites

alpine horns 2

… and where we met Kat, our “insider” expert :


With her we went on a hike ….

hiking with Kat

… which was the excuse to lunch in a typical ” hutte ” …

lunch in hutte

lunch in hutte 2

We then went via Bozen …

Bozen 1

… down to VENEZIA !!!

on vaporetto to Rialto

guided visit in Venicejpg

and saw how masks are made …

masks demo in Venice

…and checked local food. Always for hystorical purposes !!

dinner in Venice

The weather then changed …..

suns in Orvieto

… and through Tuscany , we reached Cinque Terre and its charming Monterosso

From our Steno hotel, Cinque Terre

Sunrise at Pasquale, Monterosso

Sunrise at Pasquale, Monterosso

Felicita taught us how to fix a real pesto sauce :

Felicita and her pestowatching pesto demo.30

But the real surprise was our ” Flying Friar ” Renato, at the convent !

brother Renato

convento visit and happy hour

Then Siena, with its football, squares and Palio !!!!!!!!

Dinner at La Selva Contrada.

siena dinner at Selva contrada

Massimo’s Stained Glass demo :

stained glass demo

Assisi came right after, with Marco our host :

guided visit in Assisi

 Via great ” La Rocca ” Umbrian resort, we finally reach the Caput Mundi : ROMA !!!

guided visit in Rome

Titus arch

 A touch of Sicily in our Farewell dinner restaurant ” La Zagara “

Sorry !!! pics blurred. Must be the wines !!

farewell dinner 1

farewell dinner 3

farewell dinner 2

farewell dinner 4


And finally, allow me a big thank to our Keith !!!! without his expertise in Hystory, Arts, Technology, Phylosophy, Anthropology, Gemmology, Weaponry and Artillery ( as you can see down below ) our tour wouldn’t have been the same !!!!

Keith in Kompatch

Keith in Venezia

Grazie, everybody !!


convento visit and happy hour

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