PAINTING ON MAIOLICA…..handcrafts to take home

by sabine | Maggio 3rd, 2010

Did you know……

that in the sixteenth century the little town of Gabicce was famous throughout Italy thanks to two skilled potters, Girolamo and Giacomo Lanfranco, father and son, who produced splendid objects in terracotta decorated with real gold. Father and son received official recognition in an edict issued by Duke Guidubaldo II Della Rovere in 1569. Their elaborate ceramics can be found today in many museums  in Italy and abroad, and are eagerly sought after by collectors.

The British Museum in London has a plate decorated with a scene showing “Cicero and Julius Caesar as Legislators” signed by “Mastro Girolamo Lanfranco dalle Gabicce” and dated 1541.

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