Ferragosto – the end of summer? No, it’s too early.

by sabine | Settembre 6th, 2010

“The Ferragosto holiday on August 15th is a long way off, but you ought to know what it is and what it is like. It’s a Festival that puzzles non-Italian. You don’t understand what we are celebrating. The end of summer? No, it’s too early. The peak of the high season? No, it’s too late.We make too much noise for anyone to concentrate on the Assumption of Our Lady, and we are too anxious to make August 15 into a full-blown party. Then there is the vaguely metallic name, Ferragosto. The agosto (August) bit is fair enough, but what is ferro (iron) doing there? Once, I heard a theory that involved red-hot metal. It’s not right, but it is just as intriguing as feria d’agosto (August holiday)…”

Read the book!

Peppe Severgnini: An Italian in Italy, BUR, Milan, 2005

It’s great fun!

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