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Please note : due to the restricted space available here, we shall limit our information to the 3 most visited places in our Province. We apologize to the inhabitants of Pesaro, Fano, Fossombrone, Pergola, Urbania, Cagli and many other equally interesting places of which – however – we’ll be pleased to send dedicated information to anybody requesting it, as we are doing for the 3 down below.



( about 35 mins drive from Pesaro M’way exit )

Urbino, UNESCO town

It’s undoubtedly the city in our Province with the richest historical and cultural contents. You could easily spend entire days for a complete visit but should you opt for an overall tour, these are the main information:

Parking facilities and public bus terminal:
Either arriving with private means (cars or coaches) or with public transport the arrival spot in Urbino is: MERCATALE SQUARE.
There you can find parking facilities for you private cars/caravans, while coaches are allowed to drop off and pick up their groups. Coaches parking information can be obtained by the
Mercatale Parking Office.
From Mercatale you are 5 mins walk from Repubblica Square (city centre) and 10 mins from Ducal Palace.
A public elevator is available from parking level to half way up to the Palace.
A local public bus service links Mercatale Square with Risorgimento Square (Palace).

Ducal Palace : This palace with its arts masterpieces is a must. We suggest starting the visit with it, as it contains the most important works (Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Giovanni Santi, Bellini, just to mention some). For a highlights palace’s tour allow 2 hours.


( ph° n° : +39-0722 – 322625).

This service is suggested to avoid possible long queues and costs 0,50 € per person to be paid at the moment of purchasing tickets. Reservation must be directly agreed with Ticket Office well ahead the day of visit and must be followed by fax of confirmation to the same Office.


Raphael birthplace :

The house where Raphael was born is located very close to the city main square (Piazza della Repubblica). It’s today a museum
(Ph. n° +39-0722 – 320105)
and contains some works of Raphael’s father Giovanni – and only one attributed to his son.
Good to know, this place offer more an historical importance rather than artistically.

San Giovanni and San Giuseppe
( St. John and St. Joseph ) Oratories :

They are practically next door to each other and located a few mins walk from Repubblica main square.
Historically, these 2 small churches were built and financed by confraternities of local rich people.
They are both worth a visit
(Ph. n° +39-0722- 320936 // cell ph ° +39-347- 6711181),
Especially San Giovanni: the chapel is almost entirely frescoed by the Salimbeni brothers in early XVth c. The incredible quality of these paintings is an unexpected gift that will impress forever visitors’ memories.

In our opinion, this masterpiece is underestimated in many travel guides. Not to be missed!!!

Albornoz Fortress :

This fortress is located on the top of one of the 2 hills of Urbino (on the opposite the Ducal Palace lays).
We suggest this place not for the fortress itself (which by the way, is closed to public since tens of years) but for the incredible view the park around the Fortress offers: if front of you have practically all of Urbino, with the outstanding structures of the Ducal Palace and the Cathedral.

Let’s say, the best Kodak spot of the city.
It’s also the best place where to sit on the grass and enjoy a local crescia (sort of tasty flat bread, usually filled with local herbs, or sausages, or – better – both!).
A local red Sangiovese glass is a must.



( 10 mins from Cattolica M’way exit )

Gradara, Capital of the Middle ages

The historical town of GRADARA – Capital of the middle ages offers with its Malatesta Fortress
the opportunity of a traffic free and easy visit of a medieval walled town.
Its history, intrigues and secrets will surprise every visitor.

Parking facilities and public bus terminal:
From the only coach parking, in 5 mins walk the main entrance to the village (Clock gate) can be reached.
The visit of the old village and its Malatesta Fortress takes normally between 2 and 3 hours.

Malatesta Fortress (ph +39-0541- 964697):
This imposing structure, built on an ancient Roman previous site, was built by the powerful Malatesta family between the end of XIII c. and end of XV c.
Today’s National Museum, the Fortress contains a large variety of ancient paintings and furniture.
For a normal interiors’ visit allow 1, 15 hour.

Ramparts : from the Clock Gate it’s also possible to visit a good section of the upper part of the Wall.
From this point you may enjoy a breathtaking 360° view of the hills and of the Adriatic coastline.

A small Historical Museum is located in the old centre, offering reconstructions of Renaissance rooms, torture machines and interesting Early Middle age Underground passages.



( 50 mins from Rimini Sud M’way exit )

San Leo Fortress

For its position already, San Leo is worth a visit!
Nestled on top of a huge rock, the middle age fortress guards still today the pretty village.

History here started early, a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter Feretrius was clearly reported.

Parking facilities and public bus terminal:
With your private car enter the only town gate and find a public parking square right in the middle of the old town.
Coaches cannot access to it. The coach parking is about 10 mins walk from centre, on the access road to San Leo. If booked in advance (reservation through your Tour Guide or directly ph +39-0541- 916306) free minibuses provided by the local Office can be available.

The City center, Piazza Dante:
It is a typical structure of the middle Ages, definitely the most important period, time in which the splendid churches of Pieve (Parish church) and Duomo (Cathedral) were built. Especially the Pieve is considered one of the oldest and purest in Romanesque styled churches in all Central Italy.
Once there, to reach the Fortress entrance there is a further 10 mins walk.
Also in this case, if booked in advance, the local minibus service can be used.

The Fortress/ ticket office (ph +39-0541- 926967)
Built by the famous engineer Francesco di Giorgio Martini, it has been used for military purposes until the beginning on XX c. In the long series of historical events which occurred there, it is interesting to mention the famous CAGLIOSTRO, one of the most mysterious personalities of the XVIII c. Here he was imprisoned for witchcraft until death in 1795.



( 25 mins from Rimini Sud M’way exit )

San Marino, the oldest and smalest republic on earth

Worldwide famous for being the oldest and smallest republic on earth, this lovely town offers a nice blend of ancient memories, breathtaking views and great shopping opportunities.
The access is easy either for private cars/caravans and coaches, Parking facilities are located right at the Walls of the old town.
A half a day visit usually covers the main sites.

We would love to be your go-between for the Marches.

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