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Welcome in the land of Gradara, Urbino, Pesaro and Province.

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Our county, like the nearby Romagna, is not only a land of History and traditions, or better, not only of that History and those traditions.
It’s as well the land of the History and tradition of Motorcycling.
It’s in our land that the passion for Motor riding has rooted so deeply, creating in this way that tradition, hence History, for which we are well known all over the world.

Names like Tavullia, Misano, Imola remind mythical riders and fascinating races.
Names like Ducati, Morbidelli ( a must is its Museum of Motorcycles in Pesaro ), TM, Benelli, are today as in the past leading Firms in this business.
And names like Simoncelli, Capirossi, Valentino Rossi make us dream today, as in the past made Pasolini, Lazzarini, Graziano Rossi, Lucchinelli.

And it’s in this environment that I grew up, and with me my great passion for motorbikes.

To discover the discrete but fantastic treasures of this land it’s already an exciting experience, making it riding a motorbike becomes unforgettable.
Our land, well known for its hilly landscape, offers great itineraries in which the discovery of historical sites blends perfectly with the pleasure of riding on those sinuous and gentle turns.

I would be pleased to lead you in this new experience, along those roads that see me frequent rider since over 30 years.

Itineraries will be chosen together with you, as true motorcyclists do, taking into account your wishes, your capacity, your bikes and your rhythm.
Of one think you must be sure : our rides will be done leisurely, keeping into priority our enjoyment and the discovery of new places.
And do not forget that I am a Licensed Tour Guide for the whole Province of Pesaro and Urbino, therefore, once helmets undone, we can always visit monuments, palaces and castles if you wish.

For those of particular requirements such as “ off road “, enduro, dirt tracks, etc, just ask : my Yamaha WFR can’t wait !!!

Yamaha WRF 450 - wild colt for any itinerary having little tarmac and lots of everything else !

Motos  in  Pink

For Girls !! :  pls do not take me as a “sexist”, but if some of you prefer a tour with a group “ in pink only “ ( a part from me ! ) to  “ break ice “, I would like to help you in starting this passion which has no age, sex or whatever other limits.

My bikes:

  • BMW F 650 : perfect for any type of tarmac road, flat, hilly or mountain. Comfortable on dirt country roads if of limited difficulty and gradient.
  • YAMAHA WRF 450 : wild colt for any itinerary having little tarmac and lots of everything else !


  • HALF DAY : ( 5 hrs, i.e. from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm, or 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm ) from a minimum of 1 motorbike to maximum 5 : 60 €.
  • FULL DAY : ( from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm ) from a minimum of 1 motorbike to maximum 5 : 110 €.
  • FOR GROUPS WITH MORE BIKES : tariff to be fixed ahead.
  • “ TUTOR “ SERVICE FOR LONGER TRIPS IN ITALY AND ABROAD : tariff to be fixed ahead.

Motor - tours examples :

Half day trips for any bike or scooter :

  • PESARO Hills : Pesaro, Colbordolo, Montefabbri, Urbino (possible visit to Ducal Palace), Cesane, Furlo, Fossombrone (possible visit to Ducal Palace), Montefelcino, Montegaudio, Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, Pesaro.
  • The MONTEFELTRO Land : Pesaro, Morciano, Sassofeltrio, Monte Giardino (San Marino Republic), Montemaggio, San Leo (possible visits to the Fortress and Pieve), Pennabilli, Carpegna, Macerata Feltria, Sassocorvaro, Casinina, Montecchio, Pesaro

Full day trips for any bike or scooter :

  • CATRIA mountain : Pesaro, Candelara, Mombaroccio, Cartoceto, Saltara (possible visit to Balì Museum), Fossombrone, Furlo (stop at San Vincenzo), Cagli (stop on main square with “gelato”), Acquaviva, Valpiana, Monte Acuto, Catria, Eremo di Fonte Avellana, Pergola, San Lorenzo in Campo, Mondavio, San Giorgio di Pesaro, Montemaggiore, Carignano, Candelara, Pesaro.
  • NERONE mountain : Pesaro, Roncaglia, Montegridolfo, Borgo Massano, Schieti, Urbino (possible city visit), Montesoffio, Urbania (possible city visit with “bustrengo” local pastry taste), Piobbico, Nerone (via dirt road Rocca Leonella or via tarmac Serravalle), Cerreto, Pianello, Cagli, Furlo, Fossombrone, Cesane, Isola del Piano, Petriano, Gallo, Pesaro.

Off Road

For “ Off road “, enduro, dirt lovers, itineraries will be chosen together, keeping into account your requests, technical capacity, weather and tracks conditions.

Closest areas :

  • Montefiore, Gemmano, Tavoleto.
  • Fonte Corniale, Gallo, Cesane
  • Furlo, M. Paganuccio, Nerone

Keep your chain wed !!!
See you soon !!!



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