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It was a tradition among the ancient populations of Italy to consecrate to a divinity a boy baby, who, when grown up was expected to lead groups of settlers to new lands guided by a totem animal. The tradition was called “ver sacrum” – sacred spring”. In the early Iron Age, a group of Sabines migrated eastwards over the Apennines followed by a magpie, a “PICCHIO”, which had been perched on their banner. This group became known as “Picenes, from picus = magpie” and that’s the reason who the stylized image of this bird is now the symbol of the region your are just visiting by looking at our web sites: the MARCHE.



Just behind the build up coast………venture the  seesaw-like routes and the winding country roads, the sudden opening up of deep sea or hill horizons, the gentleness of a patterned landscape, many shades of colors.…note a well defined agricultural culture, the precise organization of the crops, the extreme fragmentation of the fields which are often irregularly, three or four-sided with the farmhouse almost always found in a position which dominates the land.…and near the dwellings oaks and cypresses. The steeper slopes divided into scrub, hedges, beds of reeds, poplar groves…..


The RURAL ARCHITECTURE is a heritage of building technique: houses with pigeon-tower, silk-worm nurseries, square or rectangular shaped, with or without steps and loggias outside

…with white and pink locally available bricks, grey-yellowish slabs of lime- and sandstones, river cobblestones, but also earth and straw together with a rich variety of vegetable materials, from the hardest wood to the most flexible one, from reeds to juniper, from wicker to straw.



SHRINES, in italian “Edicole sacre”

The dense road network in the Marches is often marked, especially at crossroads, by small, delightful shrines. A modest column with a little shrine on top often contains a stone Madonna, a painted majolica, a small fresco. These a signs of a wide spread devoutness which is still alive, as gifts of flowers show that brighten up even those niches where the original image has been stolen.


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