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Welcome in the land of Gradara, Urbino, Pesaro and Province.

Sabine and Riccardo, experienced Licensed Tourist Guides, will be happy to help you discovering the many gems this part of Italy offers.



I live in Italy since more than 25 years and I often wonder if the only German thing I have left is my passport ! I grew up in Bozen, Northern Italy, right at the border between not only two countries, but two different cultures and I don't know if feel more German or Italian. To tell you the truth, this question doesn't bother me a bit. I like to think I'm a blend. Hopefully picking up good elements from either side ! Without real roots, I decided to stop in the Northern part of the Marches Region: the Province of Pesaro and Urbino. In Urbino I completed my education by the local University and here I live with my family. For years I have worked as Tour Director on long European tours and there I learnt to listen to our guests and to address their eyes and curiosity towards what I believe important, interesting and worth. I learnt how to fix itineraries in our historical sites without forgetting - not even for a moment - that a holiday also means lightness, fun and those very special, personal moments that make that experience unforgettable. Now my range of work is concentrated on a more limited area, but as one of the messages of this Region says : " The Marches, all of Italy in one Region ! ", there is here so much to see and to show that there is no need to find beauties elsewhere. I love this land around which never ends to surprise me with the variety of landscapes and cultural events. Between the Adriatic See and the Apennines, there is really a world ready to be discovered !



In our ancient palaces, castles, in the sacristies of our old countryside churches there are many doors, dark and heavy. They separate not only and simply two spaces, they separate entire worlds, different ages, lives spent after the most incredible dreams. I could tell you that behind that door of his castle Galeazzo Malatesta in 1424 decided unfortunately to offer hospitality to Angelo della Pergola and his men, the same men that plundered the castle that very same night. I could tell you that behind the same door, the frescoes decorating the lacunars ceiling were completely renovated during the heavy restoration ordered by Zanvettori in 1923, while the battle on the left wall is probably a creation of Zaganelli, a XVI c. painter from Bologna. I could also tell you that with the eyes of imagination, behind that same door you could see Knights and Lords, with their armours and swards, discuss and decide which lady to kidnap, which castle to siege, which demon to evoke to be stronger in the battle, which saint to pray in case the enemy's blade found its way through the heavy coat of mail. I could tell you many things that happened behind all those doors. And that's what I like doing since over 25 years.


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