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Nearly all hotels of the coast  have supervised crèches, children's meals and trampoline-equipped adventure playgrounds; they do deliver what’s important : a child-friendly welcome in the  surroundings you expect.
Nearly all beaches offer childcare services with baseball, soccer, catching lizards….babysitting whilst parents are enjoying sun and sea.
We want to make your kids really get involved!
The northern Marches area offers a good range of day-excursions for the enjoyment of the whole family.
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….a full immersion in nature, to the green hills of the Apennine mountain range, where coal burning is still a tradition handcraft, where kids can find out how to gain colors from plants and flowers….

Ambra di Talamello - Formaggio di Fossa in Provincia di Pesaro Urbino

phone: Italy +  0722.80133  Fax 0722.80226
for more information click on: www.oasisanbenedetto.it


a visit to the WATER PARK “AQUAFAN”
Close to Riccione there is Europe's most famous water park. A  warm summer day there means ongoing enjoyment: daily entertainments, shows, water games in  the Large Wave Pool, The Rapid River, the high Chutes, the Extreme River, the Twist etc... Aquafan is also open at night with its disco and lots of concerts and shows.

Aquafan Riccione


The ship shaped buildings right on the sandy beach of Cattolica host seventy exhibiting tanks and pools, homes of all kinds of fishes and water animals from all over the world. Sharks are the absolute stars here: 50 specimens belonging to 13 species, from smaller Mediterranean ones to the largest South African bull shark. A walk through this world is an absolute adventure. You’ll notice that the sea is not a silent universe, fishes communicate, too. Let's find out how!

Aquarium Cattolica

info line: Italy + 0541- 8371  or  www.acquariodicattolica.it


Science Center/ Planetario
A villa of the 18th century, in between the olive groves and vineyards of the hilly landscape just behind the coast of Fano, has been transformed in an interactive Science Center and a Planetarium. 35 possibilities of getting in touch with the scientific world show you personal approaches to colors, sounds, smells, optic illusions. They might explain complicated studies, might confuse, entertain, enrich…..and why not: be the beginning of your kid’s new “Harry Potter” career.

Science Center/ Planetario

info line: Italy+ 0721 892390 /Fax 0721 896611  or   info@museodelbali.org


a visit to “FIABILANDIA” :
This is paradise for your children. In a beautiful green surrounding, although closed by Rimini town, Fiabilandia is a safe oasis for youngsters, their guaranteed entertainment together with their heroes in their fantastic world of imagination. Be aware that this kind of fairytale atmosphere can catch parents too!


info line: Italy +  0541 – 372064 or   http://www.fiabilandia.net


a visit to the “GROTTE DI ONFERNO” :
The Onferno Caves are the only natural caves in the Conca Valley. The caves' narrow tunnels were formed by a small stream that over millions of years carved into the mass of chalk on which Castrum Inferi, a middle aged castle, once stood. Although the subterranean tunnels do not extend very far, the caves are quite awesome and extremely interesting from both a speleological and faunistic point of view.

Web Site: http://www.grottedionferno.it


a visit to “ITALIA IN MINIATURA” :
Italia in Miniatura is Italy’ best known miniature park whose main core is the fabulous open-air display of more than270 fascinating scale reproductions of Italy's landmarks and architectural gems,  surrounded by a quantity of original and exclusive attractions…..

Italia in Miniatura

Info line: Italy + 0541 - 732004  or  www.italiainminiatura.com


a visit to the “PAPER MUSEUM” in FABRIANO :
Fabriano is one of the fewest cities in the world where to this day paper is still manufactured by hand, evidence of the determination of not closing with this past centuries old tradition. The raw materials used for this type of production are of the highest selection: cotton, hemp, linen, special colorants. The very careful preparation of the paste is still carried out using the old Dutch refining tubs. The central workmanship phase has remained exactly as it was 700 years ago. You should have a look!

paper manufactur of  Fabriano

info line: Italy+ 0732 - 709297 / 709238 or  www.museodellacarta.com


Ten Things Kids Love Most About Italy

P. L. Byrne

We often travel in Italy with our school-aged children and their cousins. We try to arrange our itineraries for everyone's enjoyment and the kids' interests can be quite different than the adults'. They not very interested in monuments and churches. We seldom spend money on museum entrance fees, but we have found ways to discover the popular culture and to appreciate Italy with all our senses.
Here are the top ten things the traveling cousins like about Italy as excerpted from the Italy Discovery Journal www.KidsEurope.com.

1. Cool Cars and other Vehicles

Kids love identifying all the cool Italian cars like Maseratis, Lamborghinis and Alfa Romeos. They are amazed at all the motorcycles and intrigued by three-wheeled vehicles. Ask them why they think a brand of motorcycle is called Vespa - Wasp? Or why a tiny delivery vehicle is called an Ape - Bee. Suggest they make a list of all the brands of cars they see. Or during a certain period of time, like while sitting in a caffe, count the number of cars, motorcycles, trucks and three-wheelers they see and then graph the proportions.

2. Food Shopping

Have your kids help you buy the ingredients for a meal or a picnic. They love going from one store or stall to the next for all the different items. Look on the shelves of the grocery store to see familiar foods in Italian. What sound do Rice Krispies make in Italian?

3. Pasta

Make a collection of pasta shapes. If you have an artistic child, she can sketch each shape. Learning the names of the shapes can be fun, most are quite descriptive: butterflies, quills, and bow ties. You can also "collect" pasta dishes such as Angry Pasta (Penne all'Arrabiata), Carbon-burner's Spaghetti (Spaghetti Carbonara), and Ribbons with Rabbit Sauce (Pappardelle col Sugo di Coniglio). Suggest your child write a restaurant review, or specialize in one type, trying it at several places and comparing the preparation.

4. Gelato

Who doesn't like Italian ice cream, light and flavorful gelato? Make a collection, a list of every kind of gelato you eat or can find. Find a flavor you like and try it many places and compare. Italians are very appreciative of foreigners trying to speak their language, so suggest your kids learn to say, "Un gelato di [flavor], per favore." You can go inside a bar to buy a gelato to take away and it will cost less than the same cone at a caffe table.

5. Lizards

Certain kids are very happy chasing lizards across Roman ruins, castles and walls of cities. A sunny memory of lizard chasing may be preferable to a sullen hour in a museum.

6. Walled Towns and Castles

Hill top towns in Umbria and Tuscany often have multiple defenses, walls, towers and so on. Ask your kids to use their imaginations to make up stories about what life when these fortifications were built. These walls were built with human and animal muscle power. Machines were few. You can discover the style of construction and measure the thickness of walls with your arms or bodies.

7. Statues

I seldom get to finish reading the guide book description of a statue with artist and history, but we have hilarious times posing and taking pictures in the position and with the expressions of the statues. Fun for all ages.

8. Obelisks

There are 18 obelisks in Rome, more than any other place in the world. If your only sightseeing in Rome were an "Obelisk Odyssey," you would find some of the most beautiful parts of the city: busy piazzas, majestic buildings and cool, quiet parks. If you spend a few minutes learning about where the obelisks were made and how they got to where they are, kids will absorb Italian, Roman and even some Egyptian history. There are exciting and even gruesome stories about many of the obelisks. As you encounter each, take a picture of yourselves in front of it.

9. Glass Blowers

When you go to Venice, be sure to take a vaporetto (bus-boat) to Murano. This island with its many pastel-colored buildings is the home of world-famous glass blowers. They love to show their craft and kids are fascinated by the speed and danger of the process. The factories like to have a full group before they begin their demonstration, so it is okay to enter with a tour group.

10. Frescoes

Churches can be immensely boring to some kids: mine! To help them enjoy themselves while you soak in the art and history of a church, find a nice fresco and suggest they make up a story to go with it, the more imaginative the better. Most of the frescoes in Italian churches were painted in the Middle Ages when few people could read, so they are meant to tell a story.


P. L. Byrne is the author of Italy Discovery Journal, www.KidsEurope.com
© Copyright KidsEurope 2002, All Rights Reserved.


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