Luciano Pavarotti : ciao Maestro !!

Luciano Pavarotti : ciao Maestro !!

luciano4   Big Luciano Pavarotti has gone.       As it happens very often, it's when they are gone that we understand how much we miss them. He was not my best singer, or at least not quite the most complete ( for me !) In some roles he was unbeatable, in others pretty poor. But still, now I realize how important has been for me. You know what I mean, it's when you know that he is there, you may criticize him, laugh about him, course him, but he is there. Or better, he was. A big piece of Italy has gone. Or better, a piece of " Italianity ". Who better than Luciano could summarize all good and bad Italian characteristics ? An undisputable talent ( I guess not even Placido could match him in some roles ) and yet (many say) a rather poor technical musical culture. A great presence on the stage and yet cunningly able to perform play back. Ready to stand the boo's and yet brave to take his chance to duet with pop/rock singers, crossing new borders . Ready to steal millions of euros to Italian Tax Office and yet ready to sing " Mamma " in front of millions of those Italians to whom he stole probably some public health care. But also - in spite of his body weight - the lightness in approaching life, the mental frame of not taking himself too serious, the perpetual smile, the gift of transmitting good feeling even to the deaf. Maybe - altogether - the cynical but positive life approach that Italians built up in the thousands of years. With his humanity, he spread more opera's love in one day than tens of tenors in all their careers

Ciao Maestro Luciano, I'll miss you.

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